n Mousaion - Outsourcing records storage to the cloud : challenges and prospects for African records managers and archivists

Volume 30, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



There is a new demand to get office networks off the ground and into the cloud. Organisations are considering a transition from on-premise systems for storing and organising their business files, to cloud-based document-management solutions. This article explores the risks and benefits associated with transitioning to cloud-based document management. It defines the concepts of cloud-computing and argues that organisations that leverage the cloud for document management enjoy, among others, benefits such as improved business processes and scalable online storage capacity. The article continues to discuss the challenges of outsourcing records-storage to the cloud, including issues such as interoperability and the availability of cloud-provider systems. Finally, the article proposes some considerations for records managers and archivists before moving to cloud-based systems. The article is based on a literature review on cloud-computing and electronic records management. This information is useful to records managers and archivists who are considering the outsourcing of records storage to the cloud.

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