n Mousaion - The legal and regulatory framework and infrastructure for e-government initiatives in Tanzania : a critical review

Volume 30, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



It is an undeniable fact that the implementation of e-government is an important issue in many developing countries, including Tanzania. Based on a literature review and desktop research, this article provides an overview of the current state of e-government initiatives in Tanzania. The article discusses some of the positive steps taken thus far, as well as remaining hindrances to the effective adoption of e-government in the country. More importantly, the article explores the supportive legal and regulatory frameworks and infrastructures that are needed for the effective implementation of e-government. The article concludes that, despite the government's efforts to adopt e-governance, the admissibility of electronic records as permissible legal evidence is still questioned among citizens. Moreover, e-government awareness is still very low among Tanzanians. For instance, some people are still under the impression that the does not make provision for recognising electronic documents (the by-products of e-governance) as admissible evidence before courts of law. They are not aware that the Legislature of Tanzania has responded to technological changes in the communication of information, by enacting the (Act 15 of 2007), which provides for the presentation of electronic evidence in courts of law in Tanzania. This allows Tanzanian companies, individuals and public institutions to confidently take orders, conclude contracts, send invoices, send money and generally conduct business electronically. However, common challenges regarding the implementation of e-government in Tanzania and other developing countries cannot be overstated. Issues such as the prevalence of cybercrime, threats to personal privacy, poor existing infrastructure and the generally low level of understanding of computer technologies remain matters of real concern.

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