oa Professional Nursing Today - Nurses respond to South Africa's HIV and AIDS and STI National Strategic Plan (2007-2011) : infection control

Volume 13, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1607-6672



South Africa has a highly ambitious HIV and AIDS and STI National Strategic Plan (NSP) for the period 2007 through 20111 to comprehensively deal with HIV and AIDS over the five year period. The country, despite some successful interventions, still has a massive HIV problem with ongoing high mortality and morbidity consequences. The associated tuberculosis crisis, a growing orphan population, and adverse social and economic impacts facing the country exacerbate the situation. If the NSP is to have successful outcomes, all stakeholders in health need to become actively involved to ensure that the aggressive targets set are met and the pandemic turned around. Nurses as the largest group within the multidisciplinary team, have a vital role to play if success is to be achieved.

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