oa Professional Nursing Today - World Cup fever : a new epidemic? : editorial

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1607-6672



It seems that a large proportion of our population has taken leave of its collective sense as they fall ill with an emerging disease that is sweeping the nation. World Cup Fever, of which the South African variant is particularly virulent. Epidemiologists pinpoint the ground zero of the epidemic to Zurich, Switzerland in May 2004 when the successful South African bid was announced. Yes, you have got it right. It is an international disease and even the Americans have succumbed. Incubation varies but is thought to be four to six years. It lies dormant and when least expected it is triggered by a vuvuzela blasting in your ears which is followed by partial deafness and an insane desire either to get away from the noise or to contribute to it. You know you are beyond saving when you actually try to blow one. I was lost in February when I blew my first vuvuzela. My flip from hating (because of the ear-splitting noise and hearing impairment) to euphoria was as complete as it was swift. I have even been known to blow it in the middle of the night to celebrate the most mundane event like when the garbage was finally collected by the formerly striking municipal workers in the middle of the night. They acknowledged by tooting back much to the annoyance of the neighbours. That is just what I mean by the insanity.

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