oa Professional Nursing Today - Practical aspects of drug administration : posology, the impact of ward routine, and the stocking and maintaining of drugs on the emergency trolley : series on nursing pharmacology and medicine management : part 5

Volume 16, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1607-6672



In this, the fifth in a series of articles on practice-related aspects of pharmacology, drug therapy and applied nursing pharmacology, we will continue to focus on the role of the nursing practitioner in administering prescribed medication to patients in their care. Specific consideration will now be given to the importance of posology, including the timing of drug dosages and the impact of ward routine. Furthermore, some attention will also be given to the stocking and maintenance of drugs on the emergency trolley. This series uses excerpts and diagrams with permission from the 2nd edition of , and is compiled and expanded upon by the author.

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