oa Professional Nursing Today - The foetus and neonate with multiple the role of the midwife : primary healthcare

Volume 9, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1607-6672



The midwife plays a major role when dealing with foetuses and neonates with multiple congenital abnormalities (MCA); if a foetus or neonate is delivered with MCA, it is important to try to establish a diagnosis, specifically if this has not been confirmed by invasive prenatal testing. With a diagnosis, the risks of recurrence can be established and informed reproductive choices and decisions regarding testing in future pregnancies can thus be made. The midwife, because she / he is usually the first contact for a pregnant woman, should be able to recognise women and foetuses potentially at risk, understand the procedures to follow when a baby is born with MCA, and be aware of the genetic counselling clinics in the area for referral. Historically, genetics was seen as a specialist subject, but with the advent of the Human Genome Project it is vital that all healthcare professionals understand the implications for their clients in all areas of health care.

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