oa Professional Nursing Today - Looking into the mouth - oral manifestations of HIV infection : HIV / AIDS

Volume 9, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1607-6672



Very early on in the AIDS epidemic, publications indicated that HIV infection is associated with a variety of oral lesions that often occur early in the course of the disease, and tend to increase in prevalence with the decline of infected individual's immune function. In order to carry out proper epidemiological studies on the occurrence of these lesions, a sound classification had to be constructed. In September 1992 members of the EC Clearinghouse on Oral Problems Related to HIV Infection met in London, together with members of the US Workshop on Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection, to review the previously published classification of the oral manifestations of HIV infection and their diagnostic criteria. A consensus was reached; the classification incorporated a group of oral lesions based on their frequency occurrence.

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