oa SA Pharmaceutical Journal - Community pharmacists do it again! Drugwise : pharmaceutical practitioner

Volume 79, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2221-5875
  • E-ISSN: 2220-1017



The pharmacist plays an integral role in any community, and is often the first port of call when a substance abuse problem is suspected or identified. Therefore, it has become increasingly imperative that we, as pharmacists, are proactive in educating the public on drug and medicine use and abuse, identifying the signs, and curtailing and preventing abuse thereof. Our society is going through social, economic, and educational changes, and it is appropriate that we take responsibility for the prevention and treatment of drug abuse. We also have to adapt as the needs of our communities have changed due to an increase in drug trafficking, a huge upsurge in drug abuse in schools, and modern potent medicines that may lead to drug misuse and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). If we are active in this arena, it will benefit society in general, and we will contribute to a nation that is self-reliant and sensitive to the correct use of medical substances.

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