n SA Pharmaceutical Journal - If you don't feel the movement, you're probably going nowhere - moving forward as a team : president's message

Volume 83, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 2221-5875
  • E-ISSN: 2220-1017



When you are in a boat and you don't feel the movement of the water, you are probably still on dry land, and a stable boat on land is going nowhere. When you get to the water and start going somewhere, you also don't need people who rock the boat or who drill holes in your boat. Once there are holes however, you can't continue bailing out water, you need to plug the holes to move forward with the realisation that after each wave that you overcome, there will be others just as big or bigger to surmount. During the last few years, pharmacy in South Africa has had to face several challenges and though all challenges can not necessarily be turned into opportunities, several valuable lessons were learned and new opportunities were embraced. The advent of dispensing doctors in the 1990's caused a huge ripple in the whole profession, even decreasing the interest of students to study pharmacy by 50% or more. This however led to pharmacists rethinking their role in pharmaceutical care delivery and probably contributed significantly to the increased role of pharmacists in initiating therapy for selected diseases and PCDT. Soon the situation was normalised and student numbers went back to pre-dispensing doctor numbers.

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