oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Statistical research and African vital statistics

Volume 1, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Since 1948 a sample demographic survey of the African population of Northern - Rhodesia has been taken and in 1953 a second sample survey of Southern Rhodesia designed to cover the whole country in three years was organised. In East Africa sample surveys have been organised in connection with the 1948 census of the African population. A full-scale sample survey of the inhabitants of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan is shortly to be taken in that country and the plans have been drawn largely on the experience gained from the Southern Rhodesia survey. Many smaller regional sampling enquiries have taken place in Africa hut no other surveys on a national scale have been completed. In addition to the field 0f demography a sample survey of African agriculture was held in Southern Rhodesia in 1949, and the sample technique in this field is now being actively applied in many African territories.

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