oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The haemolytic-uraemic syndrome of infancy and childhood: A report of eleven cases

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Part II: Eleven cases of the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in patients aged five to 36 months, including one in an African, have been reported here. Ten of these followed a similar pattern characterised by diarrhoea, acute renal failure, haemolytic anaemia with distorted erythrocytes and thrombocytopaenia. One case was atypical because there was an antecedent history of upper respiratory infection and recent septic burns to the hands. The racial and geographic distribution of the syndrome in Southern Africa has been descriptionbed and reasons given for our opinion that it constitutes a definite disease of common pathogenesis. The usefulness of peritoneal dialysis in the management of this condition is stressed. The pathologic changes in the five cases who died have been given and proposals concerning pathogenesis critically discussed. An hypothesis, that the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome of young subjects with and without renal necrosis is basically a reaction akin to the generalized Sarinelli-Shwartzman phenomenon, has also been outlined.

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