oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Towards the rout of tuberculosis in Rhodesia

Volume 11, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Part II - The work of the tuberculosis service: Drug therapy is the only important factor in the treatment of tuberculosis cases. The problem of drug resistance exists here and is met by the use of reserve drugs and surgery and by sensitivity testing; however, incurable totally resistant patients are presenting an increasing problem. There is some evidence that the isoniazid-resistant bacilli excreted by these patients are less infectious than are sensitive organisms. The literature on out-patient treatment is reviewed and the system adopted in Rhodesia is descriptionbed. The amount of domiciliary treatment possible is limited by the problem of control. It is being extended gradually as the provincial medical officers of health find it possible to cover new areas with staff to do recording and follow up work. A central card-index of tuberculosis out-patients is kept in each province. Patients not living in an ""out-patient area"" have to complete their treatment in hospital. Case-finding by mass radiography and contact examination is carried out, but the numbers that these methods can deal with are limited. The most comprehensive preventive measure we have is BCG-vaccination and the amount of this done annually has been increasing steadily.

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