oa Central African Journal of Medicine - A study of thyroid disease in the Chikwaka region of Rhodesia

Volume 14, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The prevalence of goitre has been determined in a small area of the Chikwaka region of Rhodesia by examining the populations of two villages and a nearby school. The prevalence in both the village and the school populations was approximately 75 per cent., reaching a maximum in the villages in the 6-10 and 10-20 age groups. Of the 354 subjects examined, over half had visibly enlarged thyroid glands. No goiltre was seen under the age of two years. Clinical nodularity occurred in approximately 20 per cent. of the school population. Hypothyroidism was diagnosed in only one individual and no malignancy of the thyroid gland was encountered. The water used by the population studied had a very low iodide concentration. Other possible aetiological factors are discussed.

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