oa Central African Journal of Medicine - African trypanosomiasis and its control

Volume 16, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Part III - The Sterile Male Technique: Trypanosomiasis presents a great problem to many East and West African tropical countries today and is a major hindrance to economic growth and development. Due to the characteristic antigenic variations of trypanosomes, immunisation against the disease is at present impossible, and while prophylactic drugs are available the ideal aim should still be to eradicate the disease entirely. The most vulnerable stage at which the trypanosome cycle may be broken is the vector stage and several methods of tsetse fly control are discussed. These include: (a) Selective game destruction. (b) Bush clearance. (c) Application of residual insecticides. Further methods, such as the sterile male technique and interference with tsetse fly metabolism, are also discussed. These aim at eliminating the final small percentages of fly. Although they are of no practical use as yet, they nevertheless reo present new lines of thought, and at a stage when the existing control methods are not entirely adequate, it is felt that the possibility of developing alternative methods should not be ignored.

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