oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The control of tuberculosis in Matabeleland

Volume 16, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



As an under-developed country, yet with many of the resources of a modern State, Rhodesia occupies a special place in the spectrum of development. For this reason the structure of its tuberculosis service may well have a different emphasis from one which would be suitable in different circumstances. Its integration with the public health service from its inception, its close association with the general clinical services, the relatively large number of tuberculosis beds available and the status of its health assistants are important factors. A brief review is made of anti-tuberculosis work in other countries. Reasons are given why criteria for diagnosis and treatment, methods of organisation and clinical results obtained elsewhere may be either not applicable to, or not acceptable in, Rhodesia. The organisation of the tuberculosis service in Matabeleland and its modus operandi, including documentation, are descriptionbed in detail. Figures are given for the out-patient treatment and follow-up attendances at various review centres. Comparison is made of these figures between various areas where the quality of health assistants is known to differ widely. The importance of health assistants is stressed, their educational requirements and training are discussed and the full scope of their duties and responsibilities is descriptionbed in detail.

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