oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Some nutrition problems in Central Africa

Volume 2, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Some of the salient circumstances affecting the nutrition of Europeans and Africans in Central Africa, more particularly in Southern Rhodesia, have been descriptionbed and discussed. The nutrition of Europeans is adversely affected by circumstances arising from early colonisation and industrial expansion. Education by the medical profession should correct the existing ignorance of dietetics and wise expenditure. The nutrition of the African population is bad and this is not improved by industrial expansion. The remedy lies largely in sound planning of the food and agriculture policy as indicated by the results of scientific investigation, not by public demand. In addition, the education of African women in practical dietetics and mothercraft is essential. The field for scientific investigation is vast but little explored; nevertheless the little we already know indicates that the direct cost of food and the indirect cost of dietetic deficiencies would show a substantial reduction for the relatively small expense of scientific investigation and application of appropriate measures.

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