oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Maximum ventilatory capacity of Africans

Volume 2, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The maximum ventilatory capacities (M.V.C.'s) of two hundred physically fit Africans, consisting of two groups of one hundred, were estimated by Kennedy's method using forced expirations. The correlation between the two groups was extremely close. In both groups approximately 80 per cent. had M.V.C.'s between 90 litres/min. and 100 litres/min. Under 10 per cent. in both groups had M.V.C.'s between 80 litres/min. and 90 litres/min. The lowest recorded M.V.C. was 80 litres/min. In one group 14 per cent. And in the other 10 per cent. had M.V.C.'s greater than 130 litres/min. The highest recorded M.V.C. was 155 litres/min. In both groups ,the average height of those having M.V.C.'s below 90 litres/min. was less than the average height of the group, and the average height of those having M.V.C.s above 130 litres/min. was greater than the average height of the group. The average height of those who had M.V.C.'s between 100 litres/min. and 120 litres/min. was the same as the average height of the group.

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