oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Splenic Irradiation in the Management of Chronic Granulocytic Leukaemia

Volume 21, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The British Medical Research Council reported that splenic irradiation in chronic granulocytic leukaemia shortens survival, but neither this nor two subsequent reports descriptionbes the technique used, so that critical assessment of the data is not possible. We have found splenic irradiation to be a highly effective modality in reducing white cell count, splenic mass, and in returning bone marrow to normal. This modality has the attraction of not exposing patients to the morbidity associated' with Busulphan therapy. However, neither approach significantly prolongs median survival and, therefore, have very limited real value in treating this lethal disease. A prospective study is presently being mounted to explore different radiotherapeutic regimens and to integrate the most effective of these into an aggressive programme aimed at eradicating the Philadelphia positive clone rather than palliating the disease.

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