oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The gonococcus and penicillin in Rhodesia

Volume 22, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Clinically the gonococcus in some areas of Rhodesia appears to be becoming resistant to penicillin as it hall in many other places in the world (Willcox, 1970). Most reports are from rural clinics but even with improved transport media ,it is rarely possible to cultivate the organism for sensitivity testing from such sources. However organisms from urban clinics are uniformly sensitive to the usual disc diffusion tests using penicillin G at I ug/mL Recognising the increasing occurrence of non-gonococcal arthritis many cases not under bacteriological control , may be unjustifiably considered to be resistant gonorrhoea. The minimal inhibitory concentrations (M.I.C.) for penicillin of 50 isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoea have been estimated to determine whether or not the local gonococcus is developing drug resistance.

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