oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Further report on Cholera in Manicaland May 1974 - May, 1975

Volume 22, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The report on the first outbreak of cholera in the Manicaland province of Rhodesia (January- May, 1974) predicted that the disease would return sooner rather than later (Cruickshank, et al. 1975). In fact notwithstanding an extended period of freedom from overt infection (May-June, 1974) the disease probably never left the area, and by July, 1974 the endemic pattern had re-established itself. This paper descriptionbes the progress of the disease in its epidemic and endemic forms for the year following that previously descriptionbed, and emphasizes in particular the modifications made, in the available water subserved manifold functions at the same time; drinking, cooking, washing and ablutions.

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