oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Distribution of plague in Rhodesia as demonstrated by serological methods

Volume 22, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Human plague appeared in Rhodesia in clinical form in September 1974 and Yersinia pestis was subsequently isolated from a variety of rodents indicating clearly that the disease in the sylvatic form had established itself in the North West of the country, (Isaacson & Pugh, 1975; Pugh & Parker, 1975; Charlton & Palmer, 1975). Since then some 60 human cases have been confirmed with 14 deaths. This paper reports the results of an intensive survey of human sera in the vicinity of the original outbreak of plague and of a more general survey of human, dog and rodent sera in an attempt to determine the extent of the recent epizootic.

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