oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Recent developments in environmental sanitation and their role in the prevention of bilharziasis

Volume 23, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



It has long been acknowledged that no programme of health improvement could be completely successful and long sustained unless the people themselves participated in the development. The WHO acknowledges that the promotion of health ill linked with� the promotion of social and economic endeavours in which even the most backward people must play their part. Bilhariasis, which is largely socially determined, might more rapidly come under� control if community development was allowed to play a more important role. Many community leaders are aware of the advantages improvements in hygiene offer, especially if these improvements lie within the scope of the people themselves. For the simple villager, confrontation with more sophisticated technology, familiar to those who have grown up with it, represents a bewildering experience. In the quest for health improvement in the less developed nations, the need for simple technology is essential. By considering the villagers point of view, by providing less sophisticated but effective hardware that is easy to install, understand and maintain, the chances of success in drawing community .interest and participation are far greater.

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