oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Chronic active Hepatitis in Rhodesian Africans

Volume 25, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



A brief retrospective survey of cases of chronic active hepatitis admitted to Harari Hospital is given. A review of literature on chronic active hepatitis is presented and the Harari experience is compared with the Western picture of the disease. The main features were that the female patients were predominantly young and the male patients were predominantly middle aged, but there were no cases of 'lupoid' type chronic active hepatitis and no associated autoimmune phenomena. Virtually all cases were HBAg negative, but this may be a result of insensitive laboratory tests. There was no association noted with hepatoma in this group of patients. The relationship of acute viral hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis and cryptogenic cirrhosis in Rhodesian Africans is discussed and further investigations to elucidate the aetiology of African cirrhosis are suggested.

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