oa Central African Journal of Medicine - A preliminary investigation into parasuicide in Salisbury, Zimbabwe - 1979/1980

Volume 27, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Parasuicides are not a homogenous group. People attempt to take their lives for a variety of reasons - sometimes manipulative or coercive, sometimes in an attempt to resolve mental anguish or a seemingly insolvable problem. But overall it is a cry for help when all other coping mechanisms have failed. For everyone it is a warning that this person needs help - and more than just physical, or medical, resuscitation. Any suicidal gestures contains a high risk of repetition, and practical help and understanding - not censure, contempt or impatience - are needed to ensure that this behaviour does not become the only way of reacting to stress or frustration for that individual.

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