oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Can molecular biology synthesise a vaccine to eradicate both malaria and bilharzia? If so, should a developing country like Zimbabwe become involved in their development?

Volume 31, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The question this article will try to answer is: is molecular biology now powerful enough - and cheap enough - to defeat the wiles of such ""smart"" parasites? There are major programs going on in America, Australia and Europe to solve the technical problems in producing a vaccine against both malaria and schistosomiasis. If they are successful, other diseases will inevitably succumb. Currently the technical problems are enormous and expensive and there is no guarantee that the parasites will not adapt faster than the molecular biologists. However the gap is closing. The author spent part of his Sabbatical leave visiting some of the main laboratories in Europe and America to try and assess the realities of participation in these developments.

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