oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Cancer of the colon and rectum in Zimbabweans

Volume 31, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The clinical features of colorectal cancer were examined in 63 Black Zimbabwean patients. The majority of patients were of rural origin with advanced disease. The clinical features of colon and rectal cancer were distinct. Most lesions were adenocarcinomas; associated polyps were found in 2 patients but no case of multiple synchronous cancer was found. A hypochromic microcytic anaemia and a positive stool occult blood test were valuable pointers to colon cancer. A rectal mass was palpable in 91% of patients with rectal cancer and because of this the correct diagnosis was made. The diagnosis of colon cancer was often missed initially because not enough attention was accorded to the patient's history.

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