oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Human levels of DDT residues in selected Zimbabwe communities

Volume 32, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Surveys were conducted among five communities in Zimbabwe, all with a past history of exposure to DDT in order to assess levels of pesticide in whole blood and serum. Levels of DDT in human fat of autopsy cases were assayed. In four communities there was 1,7 per cent (n = 234) and 4 in the fifth community 41 per cent (n = 70) with DDT levels exceeding the safe limit of 0,07 ppm set by the World Health Organization. There was no age or sex relationship in the levels observed in any of the five communities. Amongst the spraymen, the mean value of 0,828 ppm in whole blood was found to be comparable to that of pesticide formulators/applicators from USA and India. No discernible pattern existed in data from human cadavers.

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