oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Hidden psychiatric morbidity. Part II: Training health care workers in detection: a pre- and post-study at Karanda Mission Hospital

Volume 33, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



A simple five-session training programme covering basic mental health problems, and instruction in the use of the Harding Self Report Questionnaire, was instituted at Karanda Mission Hospital to help medical assistants recognise hidden psychiatric morbidity in somatically presenting patients. The Harding Self Report Questionnaire was used as both a detection and training instrument, together with a Health Staff Rating Scale. Medical Assistants were assessed pre - and post-training on two measures specificity and sensitivity. The training programme demonstrated that health care workers can be trained to more accurately detect and diagnose hidden psychiatric disorder in this group of patients. An additional benefit was that workers developed an increased interest in this difficult area of patient care.

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