oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Analysis of severe head injuries admitted to a Nigerian general hospital

Volume 34, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



In a 12 month period (January - December 1985) 90 patients with severe head injuries were admitted to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. This was made up of 23 children, and 67 adults of whom 12 patients were female and 55 were male. Fifteen patients (16.7 percent) died, five of them in the emergency room, while seventy five others survived and were discharged after 3 to 120 days. Treatment was conservative for most of the patients, but 5 underwent cranial surgery, 3 of whom later died. Almost all cases of head injury were caused by road accidents. The high morbidity and mortality in this series were attributed to delay in reaching hospital, inadequate resuscitation and absence of a neurosurgical unit, in addition to the severity of the injuries, and therefore demonstrate the inadequacy of medical care delivery in this country.

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