oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Carbohydrate tolerance in pregnant Nigerian women - comparison of 75 gms and 100 gms glucose loads

Volume 35, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) with 75 gms. and 100 gms. glucose loads were performed two weeks apart in each of 20 healthy Nigerian women in the third trimester of pregnancy. The mean (± SD) blood glucose values (venous whole blood in mgs/l00 ml) during the tests with the two loads were as follows: 75 gms. - fasting -71.1 (12.6), 30 mins.-96.9 (19.1), 60 mins. -99.5 (19.8), 120 mins. - 92.3 (19.3), 180 mins. -79.6 (17.2); 100 gms. -fasting-605 (7.4), 30mins. -93.4 (13.8), 60 mins. -94.9 (21.7), 120 mins. - 82.3 (10.3), 180 mins. - 72.7 (12.2). The differences were statistically significant for the fasting and 120 mins. values, p<0.05. These results suggest that increasing the glucose load above 75 gms. does not necessarily increase the maximum glycemic response. Therefore, criteria for the interpretation of the OGTT in pregnancy based on a 75 gms. dose. It would be desirable to establish reliable criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy based on a 75 gms. dose OGTT. This would foster a uniform standard for the performance of this test in all adult population groups and it may also mean a little saving in cost for those working in the less developed countries of the world.

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