oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Use of haemostatic parameters as a diagnostic and prognostic Index in persistent Jaundice: a Zaria experience

Volume 36, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Haemostatic parameters (PT,KCCT and platelet counts) were measures in conjunction with other biochemical tests in 80 consecutive jaundiced patients here in Zaria. The investigations were performed on admission and within 72 hours after parenteral vitamin K therapy. The prothrombin time and kaolin cephalin clotting time remained prolonged after the administration of vitamin K in cases of liver cirrhosis. Prothrombin times in obstructive jaundice returned to normal after the administration of vitamin K. The prothrombin time, therefore, differentiates between the jaundice of liver cirrhosis from obstructive jaundice.

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