oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The detection of rotavirus antigen in faeces of asymptomatic children from two different communities in Zimbabwe

Volume 36, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



A study of the existence in Zimbabwe of Rotavirus asymptomatic infection was conducted. Rectal swabs were collected from children aged between one month and two years, who were attending health clinics at Chiweshe Hospital (rural area) and Rujeko (a Harare high density suburb) in Zimbabwe. These infants were tested for the presence of Rotavirus antigen, using the ELISA test Out of 292 specimens collected during a period of one year, 6.9 pc were found positive for Rotavirus antigen although none of the infants had symptoms of Rotavirus infection. Our results show no significant difference (x2 = .357, P= .55) between the prevalence of Rotavirus in children, 1-12 months old from Rujeko and Chiweshe. Likewise, there was no significant difference (x2 = 1.52, P= .281) in the 13-14 months children. It was however shown that a significant difference (x2 = 9.28, P = 0.0096) appeared between winter months versus dry or wet months. We, therefore, conclude that Rotavirus antigen is prevalent in asymptomatic children, and that it is more frequent during winter months.

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