oa Central African Journal of Medicine - A clinical study of caesarian section at the University Teaching Hospital (C.H.U.) Yaounde (1982-1989)

Volume 37, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



During the period extending from January 1982 to December 1989, we delivered 9 637 women at the University Teaching Hospital (C.H.U.), Yaounde, Cameroon. Seven hundred and forty-one (7.69 pc) of these patients underwent caesarian section (CS) Most of them were in the 20-30 year age group and of low parity (0-4). Foetal distress, cephalopelvic disproportion (CPO), and malpresentation were the commonest indications for abdominal delivery. Elective repeat sections were usually done for CPD. Most of the operations were carried out by qualified staff and maternal and foetal outcome were satisfactory especially for a Third World institution dealing mainly with higher risk pregnancies.

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