oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The prognostic value of Serum Immunoglobulin G and immune complex levels in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Volume 37, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Twenty-five newly diagnosed patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and an equal number of controls matched for age and sex were admitted to this study. Serum immunoglobulin G concentration was determined by single radial immunodiffusion and immune complex level by polyethylene glycol precipitation. The patients had significantly higher immune complex and lower immunoglobulin G levels than the controls. No significant correlation was observed between length of survival and serum concentrations of immunoglobulin G or immune complexes in patients who died during the period of study. Decreased immunoglobulin G and raised immune complex levels reduce the ability to mount an immune response and imply bad prognosis. However, their practical value for estimating the length of survival in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is limited.

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