oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Some pharmacological actions of aloe extracts and Cassia abbreviata on rats and mice

Volume 38, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The effects of crude extracts; (500 mg/kg IP and 500-1000 mg/kg PO) of three species of aloes and Cassia abbreviata in rats and mice were studied, particularly as regards their abortifacient actions. The LD50 values were as follows: A. globuligemma < 250 mg/kg IP; A. chabaudii 250 - 500 mg/kg IP; A. cryptopoda > 1500 mg/kg IP and C. abbreviata 500 - 750 mg/kg IP. Thus the most toxic was A. globuligemma. Their most visibly striking toxic effects in rats were CNS depression, and post mortem investigations showed widespread haemorrhagic lesions. Administration of the aloes and A. abbreviata to pregnant mice and rats did not cause expulsion or resorption of the foetuses. Several rats died within 36 hours of injection of A. chabaudii and A. globuligemma, but even in these rats there was no expulsion or resorption of the foetuses. Rats which survived the treatment delivered normal sized, healthy litters at term. It is suggested that neither the aloe species test nor C. abbreviata possess abortifacient activity at doses which are not toxic to the animals.

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