oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Re-examination of recent trends in under five mortality rates in Zimbabwe: evidence from the ZDHS, 1988

Volume 39, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Prior studies on infant and child mortality in Zimbabwe have questioned the low mortality found in Matabeleland South. It was suspected that it could be an artefact of data. Using the ZDHS data, this study has shown that the probability of dying before age five (q(5)) is indeed low in Matabeleland South. Also while all provinces experienced a temporary rise in mortality in the 1980's that of Matabeleland was experienced over the period 1980-82, a period marked by political turmoil. In the mid 1980's when things had normalised, mortality in Matabeleland South experienced a decline while other provinces experienced a temporary rise in q(5).

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