oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Introduction to Medical Writing

Volume 4, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



An article is most effective when addressed to a particular kind of reader, though not written exclusively for the expert. Short sentences and short words make for easy reading, and words can he saved by using tables and illustrations. Special care should be devoted to the composition of the summary -the only part of a paper many people read. The manuscript should be prepared in' the form prescribed by the journal. It should be in double-spaced type throughout on stiff quarto sheets (10 in. by 8 in.) and the top copy should be submitted. It must be offered to one journal only, and once published it may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission. The M.D. thesis, being a demonstration of capacity, is much more detailed and therefore longer than any article. Each university has its own special requirements, and thesis work should be undertaken only with the approval of the professor most closely concerned.

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