oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Evaluation of antibiotics in urinary infections

Volume 5, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



(1) An investigation has been made into the type of invading organism and its sensitivity to seven different ""antibiotics"" (namely, Aureomycin, Chloromycetin, Erythromycin, Furadantin, Streptomycin, Terramycin and Tetracyn) in 219 cases of urinary infection. (2) This investigation shows that the commonest urinary invaders are B. coli and a mixed B. coli and staphylococcal infection. (3) Although sensitivity of the organism should always be determined, it is shown that if drugs are to be used empirically the most useful are Furadantin, Streptomycin and Chloromycetin. (4) Of these three drugs, Furadantin is shown both in the laboratory and clinically to be superior to other antibiotics in the control of all urinary infections except pyocaneus. (5) In cases of proteus infections, Furadan� tin is superior to both Chloromycetin and Streptomycin. (6) In cases of pyocaneus infections, Streptomycin is shown to be superior to both Furadantin and Chloromycetin.

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