oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Poliomyelitis: Southern Rhodesia, 1958

Volume 5, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The following are the general conclusions of the study of the incidence of poliomyelitis In Southern Rhodesia during 1958: (1) The monthly incidence during 1958 did not resemble the experience of previous post. epidemic years, and the scatter of cases through. out the year seems to indicate that the. Disease was still fairly active and had not settled down to the usual inter-epidemic state. (2) The higher proportion of cases in Africans seems to have come to stay, although the heavier attack rate of children under the age of five years remains a feature in this racial group. (3) Despite the extensive vaccination on non-Africans of under 15 years of age, the 1958 experience of incidence by age groups lends no support to the view that vaccination of this group protects it, at least from paralytic accidents of poliomyelitis. (4) More than a third of the reported cases in non-Africans occurred in persons who had had two inoculations of vaccine. The proportion of paralytic attacks in the vaccinated group was higher than in the non-African cases who had not been vaccinated. (5) There was, however, some clinical evidence that the paralytic attacks in vaccinated persons were recovered from more speedily than would have been expected from general experience.

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