oa Central African Journal of Medicine - The evolution of tuberculosis in Southern Rhodesia

Volume 6, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Part III: Examination: A comprehensive tuberculin survey of the African school children of Manicaland - Most of the African school children in Manicaland (44,106) were given the Mantoux test with 5 T.U. of O.T. Overall reactor rates increased steadily from 21 per cent. at age six to 70 per cent. at age 18; girls' rates were slightly lower than those for boys. Standardised rates were compared for different types of area. In Native areas low-lying country had high rates and high altitudes were associated with low rates. Hilly country like- wise gave low rates. Certain remote areas were found to be not yet fully ""tuberculised"" In towns, rates were comparatively low, and this was true also of European farms. Rural industrial concerns such as tea and forest estates and Sabi development schemes had high rates. Certain variations in environment which cannot be allowed for are considered. It is concluded after discussion that the towns, the rural industries and the low lying Native areas all have conditions which lower the general resistance and lead to a high tuberculous disease rate.

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