oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Some clinical features of Bancroftian filariasis among adult males in an unreported focus in the Belgian Congo

Volume 6, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



The clinical findings among adult males in an unreported focus of Bancroftian filariasis in the Oriental Province of the Belgian Congo include: 20 per cent. incidence of hydrocele in an adult male population of 1,835; in 14 cases out of 53 Bancroftian microfilariae were found in hydrocele And; 27 per cent. of inguinal lymphadenopathy considered to be of Bancroftian origin; 68 per cent. of chronic funiculitis. Elephantiasis was of low incidence and slight importance compared with hydrocele. Enlargement of the epitrochlear glands was not considered to be of diagnostic value.

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