oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Kwashiorkor - Treatment with cortisone and diamox

Volume 6, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Thirteen consecutive cases of kwashiorkor of moderate to severe oedema were treated with Darrow's solution, skim milk, Casilan, Sulfaguanadine (or Guanamycin) and penicillin, with the addition of oral cortisone and Diamox. One case is omitted from this report because of questionable diagnosis, though he had a delayed recovery. In the twelve cases of kwashiorkor included, some experienced an increased or persistent oedema. Treatment with cortisone and Diamox was not discontinued in any case, because the patients' appetites remained good and also their general condition remained good. One patient carne very near death when her persistent oedema finally began to disappear, only to be followed by the development of a severe cough and pulmonary congestion. Though temporary increase in oedema or persistent oedema was seen in some of the cases and might possibly be the untoward effect of cortisone, it was not considered to be contraindicated bccause the patients' appetites and general condition remained good. Likewise there was no contraindication to Diamox, though it may have been responsible for some weakness in two cases. Final evaluation of these drugs in kwashiorkor necessarily needs more eases with controlled studies, using the drugs both separately and together.

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