oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Child wastage, due to malnutrition in Sekhukuniland

Volume 6, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



An attempt to assess the ex tent of child wastage due to malnutrition in Sekhukuniland is made by analysis of hospital admissions in the yea r 1956, which was chosen at random. Of the 1,430 children under 12 years admitted to Jane Furse Hospital , 4.5 per cent. had "" malnutrition"" as the primary diagnosis on discharge. Twenty per ce nt. of these cases died and malnutrition was the ca use of death in 20 per cent. of a all deaths under twelve years. Five groups of overt malnutrition are descriptionbed and stress laid on the fact that suboptimal nutrition and development are the rule rather than the exception in infants over six months and young children. The absence of parasitic diseases in the area accentuates the role played by malnutrition in children as a cause of ill-health-often prolonged and sometimes fatal. While economic factors may be difficult to remedy, an appreciation of the ignorance, superstition and apathy prevalent in matters of infant care serves as a constant reminder of the vital importance of health education. Great importance is attached by the mother to the youngest child , and it is most encouraging to find how willing many mothers are to carry out simple health measures once confidence and trust in the doctor and the hospital have been established.

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