oa Central African Journal of Medicine - Bush surgery

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0008-9176



Attention has been drawn to several points in the use of tracheotomy. ( 1) Speed is often essential. The instruments must be handy at all times and everyone must know their location. The operation is attempted even in the presence of complete obstruction with severe anoxia. (2) Frightening as it may seem, one must do the operation. It is a known fact that in the ""bad old days"" one of our sisters did a tracheotomy, using a brick to support the shoulders, in a clinic courtyard. The child lived. If she did it, so can we. (3) Meticulous attention must be paid to postoperative care. (4) Mention has just been made of tracheal intubation rather than formal tracheotomy. One has to be very sure of oneself in using this. Tribute must be paid to those officers who have done this and then used controlled respiration in the back of an ambulance moving the patient to a larger centre. Tracheotomy is a very useful operation and the swing of the pendulum is returning it to the field of surgical popularity. It is an operation anyone of us may have to perform, though it means taking our courage in both hands.

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