oa Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa - The solar and ultraviolet radiation tolerances of several termite species

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0013-8789



The solar and ultraviolet (2537 A�) radiation tolerances of castes of several termite species were determined. The most radiation tolerant workers were those which normally forage in the open, and furthermore they were the most darkly pigmented. Workers which do not normally forage in the open contained little cuticular pigmentation and showed low radiation tolerances. The larvae of all the species examined were pale and translucent in appearance and they were the least resistant. The soldiers which seldom venture out on the soil surface (with the exception of T. trinervoides soldiers) showed a surprisingly high tolerance. This is, may be incidental to the greater degree of sclerotization of the head capsule.

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