n AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society - Youth and political change in Nigeria : historical note and critical discourse

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1998-4936
  • E-ISSN: 2075-6534


The youth have been the prime agents of change and are usually the most affected by change in the socio-political context of Nigeria. The huge population of youth in Nigeria signifies a great asset for a socio-political transformation within a democratic space. Specifically, this paper examines the history of youth involvement in political change and the challenges youths are facing within Nigerian socio-political space. The paper identifies atri-level of political change: micro, meso and macro. Historically, the Nigerian youths have played important roles in the country's political space, especially in the struggle for independence from colonialists and immediate post-independence political formulations. But from the 1980s, Nigerian youths face enormous challenges due to the weakness of the Nigeria state. This may have accounted for the dissipation of the youths' voice in the political sphere and their over-burden with socio-economic problems. Although economic emancipation is necessary, the paper submits that the prospective political agenda of Nigerian youth should be on socio-political transformation through democratic channels.

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