n African Renaissance - Comments on : Mammo Muchie's : "Africa and Arabia in the post-September 11 world order"
Akram Hawas's "Pan-Africanism and Pan-Arabism : back to the future?"
M.O. ENE's : "When enough is enough" : comments

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1744-2532
  • E-ISSN: 2516-5305


The issue of African-Arab relations and cooperation for mutual benefits call for closer attention, ongoing study, action research, honest dialogue and exchange both at the educational and civil society levels than the case has been so far. Therefore, these articles are good starting points toward addressing such a highly topical issue. They add to the contributions by professors Prah of the Centre for Advanced Study of African Society in South Africa (Casas) and Prof. Helmi Sharawy of the The Arab & African Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. Africans and Arabs are more related to each other than anyone of them to any other people. Some 72 per cent of Arab territory is in Africa and over two-thirds of Arab world's citizens have Africa as their home. Long before the advent of Islam in 610 AD, Arabia was a dynamic extension of Africa to the extent that Southern Arabia was colonised by Ethiopia until 570 AD, the year Prophet Mohammed was born in Mecca. Following the triumph of Islam and occupation of Egypt in 642, contacts, interactions, trade, cooperation and conflicts increased, often to the advantage of the invading Arabs to the point that today over one-third of territorial Africa is controlled by states that identify themselves as Arab. The largest and the second largest, the Sudan and Algeria, identify themselves as Arab, in clear disregards of the black African and Berber citizens of their countries. What became of the original citizens of Arabised North Africa is a taboo question that most people prefer to avoid.

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