n African Renaissance - What does it mean to be black in the 21st century s on Senegal and Australia

Volume 2, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1744-2532
  • E-ISSN: 2516-5305


In 2004 I had the opportunity to visit Australia and Senegal, both experiences made me reflect on what it means to be Black in the twenty first century especially if you are a Black woman. This has been a journey into history. The United States, Australia and Africa are worlds apart connected by the kiss of mother Africa but also scared by the legacy of a racialized world where imperialism, capitalism, sexism, genocide and slavery are still very apparent. This complex legacy impacted my experiences; I could not help but draw upon my understanding of the world in my attempt to make sense of what I saw. The visual can be seductive, enthralling and humbling. We exist in a world that manipulates the visual to sell us things and to diminish who we think we are. What is Africa to me?

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