n African Renaissance - Ghana Must Go' ... Oh no ... Ghana must come and teach us!

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1744-2532
  • E-ISSN: 2516-5305


Ever since, and perhaps even before, Nigeria spurned the opportunity of becoming black Africa's first independent nation by botching its parliamentary motion for independence in 1953, only to see Ghana steal a march on it by supplanting it in the attainment of this milestone by becoming independent in 1957; the two nations have endured a symbiotic, yet uneasy relationship with each other. At different junctures in their relationship, both nations have witnessed migrations of sections of their populations into the other's hesitant embrace. And each nation has at different times orchestrated the forced expulsion from their borders of much of these migrant populations. For large parts, it has been a love-hate relationship between the two nations; with each nation leaving the stamp of its influence on the other.

Indeed, one of the most enduring emblems of the last major expulsion of Ghanaians from Nigeria is to be found in one of the most unlikely of articles: the derogatorily named 'Ghana Must Go' carrier bag. The name has come to occupy a prominent place in the lexicon of Nigerian phraseology principally as a result of its being an integral feature of regular Nigerian commercial intercourse, and an unwitting object in official corruption. Its everyday commercial usefulness is evident in its employment as the bag of choice, which Nigerians use to ferry goods, back and forth, between buyers and sellers. Its other less noble use - one in which it has achieved something of a national notoriety - is as the carrier bag of choice of corrupt politicians in their illicit exchange of misappropriated public funds.

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