n African Performance Review - Signifying systems in traditional African theatre aesthetics : the ritual dance of the Tiv people of Nigeria

Volume 1, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


Several theatre traditions exist in Africa that are not even recognized and registered as theatres in the strict professional sense of the word. The electronic age has appropriated every thing, including research, to computerized evaluation, leaving issues of traditional complexion to wallow in the pity and mercy of their respective custodians. The implication therefore is that, serious and rich theatre traditions may soon go extinct if nothing is done in the form of research to try and patronize and thus preserve these traditions. This paper is of the view that there exist exciting theatre traditions in Africa that use a wide range of sign systems to communicate and also pass across the aspiration and cultural ethos of Africans to the world. The hope therefore is that scholars should devote some time and effort to the study of some of these performances, one of which is the ritual dance theatre of the Tiv people of Nigeria.

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